Syber security of cloud network. Generative Ai

Evidence Management for Continuous Certification as a Service in the Cloud


EMERALD will foster the adoption of cloud-based services for both large enterprises and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), by simplifying the process of obtaining an agile security certification.

EMERALD’s mission is to provide a user-friendly framework to help stakeholders in the cybersecurity field efficiently manage certifications, enhancing the security and effectiveness of cloud service usage. The proposed EMERALD environment will be the foundation for defining a new service for assisting the certification process that we named Certification-as-a-Service (CaaS).

EMERALD’s main objective is to provide easy Certification-as-a-Service to cloud service providers, customers, and auditors, by offering a unified approach to maintain high security and trust levels across diverse technological environments.

The EMERALD consortium consists of 11 partners from six European countries, forming a well-balanced team of research centers, large companies, and SMEs. These partners bring together a mix of industrial and academic expertise, specializing in areas like cybersecurity certification, cloud computing, AI, UX/UI design, and auditing processes. This diverse expertise ensures a robust approach towards achieving the EMERALD objectives, with a focus on practical applicability and early adoption of results.


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