EMERALD will produce a number of deliverables during the lifetime of the project. Deliverables marked as ‘public’ will be available here for download, as soon as they are available.

WP1 – Concept and methodology of EMERALD

D1.1Data modelling and interaction mechanisms-v1publicJul 2024
D1.2Data modelling and interaction mechanisms-v2publicApr 2025
D1.3EMERALD solution architecture-v1publicOct 2024
D1.4EMERALD solution architecture-v2publicOct 2025
D1.5DevOps methodology and CD/CI strategy for EMERALD-v1publicApr 2024
D1.6DevOps methodology and CD/CI strategy for EMERALD-v2publicApr 2025
D1.7EMERALD Integrated solution–v1publicApr 2025
D1.8EMERALD Integrated solution–v2publicApr 2026
D1.9EMERALD Integrated solution–v3publicAug 2026

WP2 – Methodology for knowledge extraction

D2.1Graph Ontology for Evidence StoragepublicJul 2024
D2.2Source Evidence Extractor–v1publicOct 2024
D2.3Source Evidence Extractor–v2publicOct 2025
D2.4AMOE–v1publicOct 2024
D2.5AMOE-v2publicOct 2025
D2.6ML model certification–v1publicOct 2024
D2.7ML model certification-v2publicOct 2025
D2.8Runtime evidence extractor–v1publicOct 2024
D2.9Runtime evidence extractor–v2publicOct 2025
D2.10Certification Graph–v1publicJan 2025
D2.11Certification Graph–v2publicJan 2026

WP3 – Evidence assessment and certification

D3.1Evidence assessment and Certification–Concepts-v1publicJul 2024
D3.2Evidence assessment and Certification–Concepts-v2publicApr 2025
D3.3Evidence assessment and Certification–Implementation-v1publicOct 2024
D3.4Evidence assessment and Certification–Implementation-v2publicOct 2025
D3.5Evidence assessment and Certification–Integration-v1publicJan 2025
D3.6Evidence assessment and Certification–Integration-v2publicJan 2026

WP4 – User interaction and user experience development

D4.1Results of the UI-UX requirements analysis and the work processes–v1publicJul 2024
D4.2Results of the UI-UX requirements analysis and the work processes–v2publicApr 2025
D4.3User interaction and user experience concept–v1publicOct 2024
D4.4User interaction and user experience concept–v2publicOct 2025
D4.5EMERALD UI-v1sensitiveJan 2025
D4.6EMERALD UI-v2sensitiveJan 2026

WP5 – EMERALD operational and financial pilots

D5.1Pilot definition, set-up & validation planpublicJul 2024
D5.2Category I pilot validation-v1sensitiveJun 2025
D5.3Category I pilot validation-v2sensitiveJun 2026
D5.4Category II pilot validation-v1sensitiveJun 2025
D5.5Category II pilot validation-v2sensitiveJun 2026
D5.6Evaluation report and impact analysissensitiveOct 2026

WP6 – Dissemination, exploitation and communication

D6.1Project flyer and public websitepublicFeb 2024
D6.2Dissemination and Communication strategypublicApr 2024
D6.3Market analysis and applicabilitypublicApr 2024
D6.4Dissemination and Communication Report-v1publicApr 2025
D6.5Dissemination and Communication Report-v2publicOct 2026
D6.6Exploitation Report–v1sensitiveApr 2025
D6.7Exploitation Report–v2sensitiveOct 2026

WP7 – Project management

D7.1Project Manual and Quality PlansensitiveJan 2024
D7.2Data Management Plan–v1publicApr 2024
D7.3Data Management Plan–v2publicOct 2026
D7.4Project Management Report–v1sensitiveApr 2025
D7.5Project Management Report–v2sensitiveOct 2026