Opportunities for networking can emerge at any stage of the project lifetime.

The following table includes a set of projects with which EMERALD collaborates and details the networking activities that have taken place to date.

ECCO: European Cybersecurity COmmunity
This project, led by the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), aims to support the activities necessary to develop, promote, coordinate and organize the work of the Cybersecurity Competence Community at European Level, within the scope and operations of the ECCC and National Coordination Centres Network. The goal is to improve cooperation between cybersecurity projects and initiatives, public and private, across Europe.Participation in the ECCO Community Group on Roadmapping, coordinated by FhG and CNR. Co-organization of webinars and events
Certification for Cybersecurity in EU ICT using Decentralized Digital Twinning
COBALT aims to elevate the overall level of cybersecurity, contributing to a future where certifications are universally recognized and trusted. By aligning with existing initiatives such as the EU CSA, ENISA, EUCS, and the EUCC, the project becomes a catalyst for harmonizing cybersecurity practices.Cybersecurity CertificationEMERALD and COBALT Projects explore new collaborations
Agile conformance assessment for cybersecurity CERTIFication enhanced by Artificial Intelligence
CERTIFAI endeavours to create an open software framework employing AI-driven, cost-efficient continuous assessment and (re-)certification methods specifically tailored for ICT products, processes, and services. This proactive approach addresses the evolving cybersecurity landscape by ensuring robust compliance throughout the product life cycle.Cybersecurity CertificationEMERALD and CERTIFAI projects explore possible areas of joint work
IPCEI Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure and Services
Initiative aimed at building the next-generation cloud-edge infrastructure for Europe. The objective is to build a powerful and sustainable first-ever “Multi-Provider Cloud-Edge Continuum” that is not tied to individual providers. AI-optimised security solutions for the next-generation cloud edge in diverse cloud environments will be developed, enabling the seamless integration of a variety of different new data processing solutions in the European Union.The developments during the IPCEI-CIS project will be monitored during the execution of the EMERALD project to find synergies and alignment on cybersecurity and automated compliance monitoring in multi-cloud environments
AK-Graph: AI-based Software Architecture Design for the Engineering of Secure and Sustainable SystemThe objective of this project is to describe software architecture knowledge in a knowledge graph to lay out the foundation for automatically processing architecture knowledge with reasoning- and AI-based approaches in order to provide architecture design guidance and automate architecture evaluation.The results of the analysis related to software security will be used in EMERALD for developing the certification graph
A Distributed Open Marketplace for Europe Cloud and Edge Services
The aim of DOME to support businesses and public organisations digital transformation making available a catalogue of cloud-to-edge offerings in Europe.Results sharing. Joint disseminations and communication activities.
Consolidating Research and Policy along the Cognitive Computing Continuum
NexusForum.EU will boost the consolidation of the European Computing Continuum ecosystem building on the valuable activities and impact generated so far within the existing EUCloudEdgeIoT (EuCEI) initiative, as well as provide a forward-looking and bold vision in new areas and directions that have not been explored so far.Participation in events. Co-organization of webinars. Participation in open-consultation activities