EMERALD deliverables published in April 2024

EMERALD deliverables published in April 2024

We are glad to inform that EMERALD has published four new Deliverables in April 2024.

These documents are available in the Deliverables web page: https://www.emerald-he.eu/deliverables/

D1.5 DevOps methodology and CD/CI strategy for EMERALD – v1

This deliverable describes the DevOps Methodology and CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) strategies that are applied for the development of the Certification-as-a-Service (CaaS) Framework to manage the heterogeneity of the components, and to coordinate the different teams in the development and operation sides.

D6.2 Dissemination and Communication strategy – v1

This deliverable outlines the comprehensive dissemination, communication, and networking strategy of the European EMERALD project. The aim is to effectively promote the project’s scientific and technical outcomes and to engage a wider audience. In addition, milestones are defined to publicize the project both scientifically and to the general public. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are established for the dissemination, communication, and networking tasks, as defined by the project partners.

D6.3 Market analysis and applicability – v1

This deliverable gives an analysis of market potential, trends, stakeholders, and preparation of business scenarios that can be used when defining the exploitation strategies of EMERALD’s commercial partners.

D7.2 Data Management Plan – v1

This deliverable presents the initial version of the EMERALD Data Management Plan (DMP), which sets out the methodology to be followed by the consortium members to manage the data involved in the project activities, including its collection, generation, storage and preservation. In this action, six types of data are envisaged: interview and focus group data, pilot data, scientific publications, public deliverables, other publications, and data used during CI/CD processes.

A special thank goes to all the editors, contributors and internal reviewers of the above deliverables.