EMERALD at Bitkom’s Expert Group on Cloud Services & Digital Ecosystems

EMERALD at Bitkom’s Expert Group on Cloud Services & Digital Ecosystems

In a significant gathering of tech experts, the EMERALD project was highlighted at Bitkom’s expert round on March 20, 2024, in Frankfurt at the IBM offices. This session, part of the AK Cloud Services & Digital Ecosystems series, provided a valuable opportunity to discuss cloud certification, compliance, and the integration of advanced technologies to enhance secure digital ecosystems. The day was filled with insightful presentations, beginning with an introduction and a series of talks that navigated the intricacies of Public Cloud services, developing technical requirements under the EU Cybersecurity Certification Scheme (EUCS), and more. Among the speakers, Björn Fanta of Fabasoft presented the innovative ambitions the EMERALD project is aiming for: a software-supported Certification-as-a-Service (CaaS).

The presentation by EMERALD showcased the collaborative nature of the project, building upon the groundwork laid by the H2020 MEDINA project. The vision for CaaS was presented, emphasizing its potential to simplify the certification process in the face of increasing complexities. EMERALD aims to assist all stakeholders in cybersecurity audits, using software applications to streamline audits while maintaining transparency and traceability.

The discussion on EMERALD highlighted the need for ongoing certification mechanisms that can adapt to the evolving landscape of cloud services, focusing on ‘Evidence Management’, ‘Compliance’, ‘Standards and Data’, and user interface integration for certifying cloud resources securely and transparently. The event’s agenda further explored topics like Cloud Compliance and Gaia-X, offering a comprehensive look at the landscape of cloud services certification and compliance. The day was rich in interactive discussions that generated meaningful exchanges and networking. As the event concluded with plans for the future and reflections, it was evident that EMERALD’s participation was a significant step in promoting collaborations and dialogues crucial for advancing cloud certification and digital security.

The EMERALD team expresses gratitude to Bitkom and all participants for a valuable experience and looks forward to future partnerships and opportunities to enhance cybersecurity and certification standards.